November 25, 2015 3 min read

The date is final. The honeymoon booked. Now, what to wear?

There are a myriad of options these days for grooms & entourage. Some considerations I always ask, is are there many people at the wedding? Is it daytime or nightime? Will you have a band or DJ playing? Larger weddings at night tend to be more formal than daytime weddings & smaller. There are always exceptions to these rules, and it’s all relative. Formal in one family is casual in another and vice versa – however sticking to some easy classic rules is always a safe bet.

Our key to getting it right – is keeping it simple & on-message. And while there’s plenty of literature out there on what to do, here’s our view:

1.     Cocktail : This is one of those curve-balls that usually confuses. Females usually use cocktail to get quite dressy, however for guys, the secret sits somewhere between formal and really smart casual. While cocktail is your chance to be a little more adventurous than usual – a textured & tailored jacket with crisp white shirt & textured tie with slim-fitting trousers will compliment the bride nicely. Choosing separates is the real key to making Cocktail work for guys. Just make sure that taking the jacket off still leaves you feeling smart - if weather permits. After all, you are the man of the moment. The shirt can (in limited circumstances) be worn without a tie and feel free to be a little adventurous with the hanky/ socks.

2.     Hollywood Glamour : Don’t be fooled by this style. This is not your chance to pull out the pine green velvet suit. Just keep it simple. A crisp white jacket, self-tied bow and dinner shirt, completed by tailored black trouser & fruitful hanky, is the perfect partner. Follow it with a polished set of black lace-ups. Not too glam. Not too Bollywood. Just a compliment.

3.     Contemporary Black Tie : You’re the groom & it’s your day. Just remember, black tie has been around for many years, now’s not the time to reinvent the rules. Adhere to them, be guided by them, but stick to certain rules that make all the difference. This season we’ve introduced our superfine-wool Navy Tux. It may have been on the scene for some time, however it gives that subtle change from jet black. It also looks spectacular in photos. Complete the outfit with a crisp white dinner shirt (with turn down collar) and self-tie bow. This outfit may just be worn once in a while, but they’re guaranteed to turn heads & last decades.

4.     Classic Black Tux : Again, don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s been done and the best who do it today don’t go shooting the lights out. Keep it absolutely on-song with a Super Jet Black dinner suit & you’ll be the star of the show. The key to Black Tux is keeping it crisp, clean and clear of any off-beat notes. Keep it super sharp with the crisp white shirt & tie & a little pochet – you’re on your way to freedom.

5.     Beach : is always a tough one. Beach can mean Sorrento on a raining Sunday, Bali with 90% humidity or Mykonos on a 38C crystal clear night. The first thing to figure out is – how hot will it really be? If your answer is hot, damn hot, then stop right there. A simple cotton pant with tailored jacket will be perfect. Cotton linen is a smart alternative in the hotter climates. Accessories, like a beautiful watch, textured belt or braces, crafted leather loafer or flower are lovely accouterments – however the heat will dictate much of your adventure. They’ll all come off eventually when the heat kicks in. So keep your attention to the relaxed pant, good belt with crisp shirt & you’ll be well on your way to keeping fresh & tidy.