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Whether you’re looking for a versatile long sleeve shirt that will suit business, events or weekend socialising, our range of men’s casual shirts gives you that little ‘something’ extra! All of our casual shirts are made to measure and crafted to the natural contours of your body to provide you with a flattering fit. When you need the right pieces for a wardrobe rotation that keeps you looking smart, our wide assortment of men’s collared shirts has you covered.

From the Magnus, which headlines our selection of men’s polo shirts, to the stylish collar of our Massimo casual shirt, our collection of overshirts - inspired by the French worker jackets of the 1800s - you’ll find the right option to suit the occasion. Browse our collection below and find inspiration.


As a general rule of thumb, there are two main differences between a formal shirt and a casual shirt.

A formal shirt has a stiffer collar which is more suited to wearing a tie. A casual shirt is a type of men’s button-up shirt with a less rigid collar. It’s a great choice when the occasion requires something smart but more relaxed, such as lunch on the weekend at your favourite restaurant.
A formal shirt is usually longer in the body because it needs to remain tucked in, while a casual shirt is shorter so that you can wear it untucked and still look sharp as an option.

When it comes to any casual shirt, styling can make or break your look. If you need a more dressy look, pair your casual shirt with a blazer and trousers. Or, for a breezy weekend vibe, you could pair it with canvas pants and a sports jacket or overshirt.

At Godwin Charli, we’ll discuss your styling choices and provide any advice during our 4-step fitting process to tailor your casual shirts exactly to your needs.

Yes! Men’s button-down shirts were first developed for very informal use. In the late 1800s, English polo players wore formal button-up shirts while playing. Their collars were eventually fastened down to their shirts to stop them from flapping around during play and impairing their vision. Hence the term “button-down” shirt refers only to the collar being buttoned down.

While a button-down shirt is a classic casual choice, it can also rock a relaxed business look, especially if worn with a suit.

Absolutely. An Oxford is generally considered to be the perfect smart-casual choice. An Oxford shirt typically has a button-down collar and, while less dressy than a formal shirt, is much smarter than other casual styles.

Named after the fabric used to make them, Oxford cloth, our Oxford shirts are made of 100% cotton. When styled with a business look, such as a suit, or with a blazer and trousers, your tailored Oxford shirt will complete your business casual vibe.

When it comes to accurately measuring casual shirts for men, you’ll need to measure your neck, sleeves, chest and waist. If you are going to take these measurements yourself, you’ll need a soft measuring tape … and a bit of perseverance! Here are the basic guidelines:
Neck: Wrap the measuring tape around your throat and slide a finger or two between the tape and your neck. This allows some comfort space for breathing when the collar is buttoned up.
Sleeves: This step might require a helper to place the tape at the base of the centre of the back of your neck. Then run the tape over the top of your shoulder and down your arm to the point where the cuff of your sleeve would normally sit.
Chest: This measurement is taken around the fullest part of the back and chest, usually at nipple height.
Waist: This might be a little different to your waist measurement for pants. Measure around the fullest part of your belly, which is usually near the belly button.

Even with the best of intentions, taking accurate body measurements might be an uphill battle without a helping hand. At Godwin Charli, our custom fitting removes all of this guesswork and makes it easy for you to have a superbly-fitted casual shirt with our four-step made-to-measure process:
Browse our collection of men’s casual shirts to find what inspires you.
Book your fitting from anywhere in the world. This can be done in our Melbourne showroom or virtually over Zoom. This is also where we begin to talk about and help you determine your unique style.
We tailor your chosen designs to your precise measurements and style requirements.
For your peace of mind, your order includes an in-person or virtual second fitting to ensure you are happy that a perfect fit is achieved.

Our made-to-measure collections are exclusively designed by Godwin each season, adapting to new fabrics and trends.