Our Story

"It was my appetite for creativity and a desire to build a community that drove me." - Godwin

Carrying on the legacy

Born in 1980 to Maltese immigrants, my childhood was filled with the constant beating rhythm of sewing machines. My mother Evelyn, would always make her own ‘version’ of the garments I longed for in shop windows or saw on TV. My dad Charles would always hand me down garments from his vintage wardrobe, enabling me to modify and style with true European flair.

It wasn’t actually until 2001, that I had my first opportunity to start creating a career out of my passion. I met the son of a master tailor…a workshop that specialised in Australian Made tailored garments that designers sought after. He allowed me to experiment using my father’s wardrobe as the basis for my personal creations. It nurtured the seeds of my design journey, and I finally had the creative freedom I yearned for.

In my early 20s, that Melbourne workshop became my classroom. Under the careful guidance of master tailors, cutters, pattern makers and the head atelier… I clutched at every opportunity to absorb as much as I could. Learning the traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. After spending years learning the craft, I decided to carry the torch on by setting up my first store in 2007.

Specialising in tailored fashion for Men and Women. I named the ‘Charli’ in the brand (the female) as a nod to my parents – Charles and Evelyn. They have been and always will be an inspiration and example in my life.

I am fortunate to work with talented Tailors and Artisans. Both locally and internationally to bring you the best from our workshop. Your wardrobe is the true matrimony of my designs and your personality.

I can’t wait to meet you - Godwin

Since 2007

Who we've worked with

Since 2007, Godwin Charli has been at the forefront of Men’s and Women’s tailoring in Australia, designing and creating unique garments from our atelier in Melbourne.

Our purpose and passion has always been to help inspire Australian's to look and feel their absolute best through local design, world class product & fabrication, inspiring style and personal service.

Over the years, Godwin Charli has become the brand of choice for local and international elite sporting organisations, Olympians, Hollywood A-listers, TV networks, federal politicians, corporate heavy weights and personal stylists.


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