Women's Evening Wear

Women's Evening Wear

A charming mix of classic elegance and modern chic, our women’s evening clothes are enduring wardrobe staples, perfect for special occasions and formal events. This exceptional selection looks and feels amazing and brings unparalleled class to any setting. The timeless details of our formal wear for women will effortlessly elevate your style and bring you confidence. Godwin Charli offers a variety of evening wear for women, from gorgeous cotton shirts to striking suits and jackets in luxurious fabrics like velvet, corduroy and Italian-crafted wool.

Our evening clothes are versatile and pair exceptionally well with other items from our womenswear collection, such as pants, skirts, and blouses.



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Elegant Evening Clothes for Women

Sophisticated with a proper dose of professional allure, Godwin Charli offers some of the top evening wear in Australia.

Our women’s evening clothes, are elegant and unique and can be worn in any setting requiring a high degree of class.

All pieces can be made to measure and are perfect for galas, dinners, social gatherings, and work events. Each piece offers a top-tier style that accentuates the female figure without limiting comfort and movement. From timeless jackets to crisp, quality shirts, ladies’ formal wear has never looked better.

Featuring striking structure and classic detailing, our shirts provide excellent versatility. They can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. For an added touch of femininity, pair a skirt or pants alongside a striking silk blouse with a wide bow tie collar. (Simply add heels and a gorgeous handbag to complete the look).

We have a stunning selection of jackets to elevate your evening formal wear. Select from luxurious, Italian woven fabrics like velvet, wool and corduroy. Each jacket is fully lined, allowing for true comfort and style.

With tonal satin and purposeful buttons and pockets to highlight your professional charisma, our wardrobe statement pieces transition perfectly from work events to other social occasions like weddings. Choose from classic colours like opulent midnight blue and burgundy.

Like our other evening wear, jackets offer versatility. Pair them with pants, skirts and evening dresses for added formality and comfort on cool nights. Meanwhile, they also work nicely with our range of cotton shirts and blouses.


Yes, absolutely! At Godwin Charli, we pride ourselves in tailoring our pieces to suit all body types. Each garment is custom-made for you to achieve the perfect fit every time.
You can easily book a free fitting with us. We hold 1-on-1 consultations to ensure your individual needs are met. Fittings can be conveniently conducted either virtually or face-to-face.

With our exceptionally versatile evening wear, it’s never been simpler to transition from work events to social gatherings.

Our shirts and blouses are very versatile. They can be paired with pants and skirts or dressed up for more formal events like weddings by adding one of our stunning jackets, or vests.

Jackets and vests can stand alone as statement pieces, adding an extra touch of formality and style to any wardrobe.

Strappy heels and ankle boots can both look wonderful paired with formal dresses (and also with skirts and pants!).

If you’re going for a formal look, it’s usually best to opt for heels. But if you’d prefer not to wear heels, try to stick to closed-toe shoes with subtle detailing, like ballerina flats. Avoid chunky wedges, sports shoes and casual sandals.