Godwin Charli collaboration with Tudor Watches

Godwin Charli collaboration with Tudor Watches

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Both Tudor & Godwin Charli products live. They pulsate. The high technology in all components is relentlessly tested right down to the smallest detail – to the point of obsession. Exceptional materials, durability, and strength of design make each watch and each garment a unique product. 

Mr Hans Wildorf, the founder of Rolex & Tudor, and Godwin Hili, were inspired by a common, simple vision – creating strong identity, unique style and uncompromising quality. By igniting passion, constantly striving to improve and offering products with their own unique identity, both brands collaborate to offer uniquely timeless pieces. 

This exclusive collaboration, fuses these core values together. This Spring/Summer 15/16 season is inspired by classic pieces, rejuvenated and re-engineered for the current generation. 

View a snippet from the collaboration here: 

Tudor Watch Video V1 from Godwin Charli on Vimeo.