Womens Trench Coats

Womens Trench Coats

For timeless and classic style, a tailored trench coat from the iconic Godwin Charli range will be integral to your wardrobe for years. With a choice of traditional colours, our made-to-measure trench coats are available in tailored and oversized designs. With a trench coat from our made-to-measure women’s range, you’ll be reaching for yours again and again.

From a day in the office with an interstate flight to a formal evening with colleagues and friends. Godwin Charli, made to measure women’s trench coats, helps you easily mix, match, and switch up your look. Our tailored trench coats can be paired with your current wardrobe or, for a brand-new, classic look, style with Godwin Charli dresses, skirts or shirts.




Women’s Made-to-Measure Trench Coats

When you buy a made-to-measure trench coat for women from Godwin Charli, you get a customised trench coat precisely designed the way you like. Our experienced team of master tailors, cutters and pattern makers use traditional techniques to make a trench coat that will last for years.
Whether you like a single or double-breasted trench or a tailored or oversized trench coat, all our made-to-measure trench coats are tailored to your measurements and in the fabric colour you want.


Godwin Charli tailored trench coats offer a range of styling options that never go out of style, including:
A smart casual dress code worn back with slim jeans, ankle boots and a cashmere jumper. Think of a weekend sporting event, Sunday brunch or casual Friday in the office.
A formal dress code where our trench can be worn over a little black dress, high heels, and finished off with a pop of red lipstick. From date night to opening night at the theatre, Godwin Charli's made-to-measure trench coats add style and class to your favourite outfit.
Going to Pilates or yoga classes or popping down to the shops? Our made-to-measure trench coats look fabulous layered over a hoodie, activewear and trainers. Adding a layer of warmth and style, our trench coats dress up gym outfits in a flash.

There’s little doubt that a trench coat is practical and stylish, but it can be hard to figure out how to tie the trench coat belt. Use these easy-to-follow steps below to tie a trench coat belt like a pro.

How to tie the trench coat belt at the front:
Pull the belt side without the buckle a bit longer, then cross it over the side with the buckle.
Draw the long strap under and up to tighten it before letting it hang.
Next, loop the strap with the buckle under the other strap and pull it horizontally.
Finish by pulling the strap without the buckle away from your body and through the loop.

How to tie the trench coat belt at the back:
Hold the side of the belt without the buckle and cross under the other side.
Next, wrap the strap with the buckle over the other, before pulling horizontally.
Pull the strap with the buckle under then through the circle you have created.
Then, pull the strap with the buckle through the loop.
Finally, tighten the knot before letting it hang.

Trench coats can be worn with any style of clothing, including:
· Casual clothes,
· Formal clothes, including dresses and gowns
· Jeans and jumpers, and
· Activewear.

The warmth of a trench coat will depend on the type of material it’s crafted from. A wool blend mix will be warmer than a cotton or linen blend. Godwin Charli made-to-measure trench coats for women are custom-designed to suit your lifestyle and fabric preferences.

If you’ve got a wedding coming up, you’ll have spent time getting the perfect dress and heels. But if the weather becomes cooler than expected, you don’t need to freeze! Godwin and Charli’s made-to-measure trench coats for women not only keep you warm, but they’re also a great outerwear choice. Stylish and fashionable, our custom-designed trench coats are ideal to wear to a wedding.