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Mens Ready to Wear Golf Polos

Delivering a devilish mix of smart and casual, our golf shirts for men are versatile and perfect for a host of occasions. They are an excellent addition to any wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with other clothing.
Polos can easily be taken from the golf course to more formal events, as they can be dressed up quickly, with little effort.
A man can become a fine example of boss material by pairing a polo shirt with a tailored jacket or crew neck jumper. The subtle hint of the structured cutaway collar, coupled with tailored shorts or pants, is a fine look for dinner and drinks out on the town.
Sophisticated day looks can be achieved by combining our highly breathable golf t-shirts and tailored shorts (which are especially practical during the summer months). Long sleeve golf shirts also work nicely alongside CGC knitwear and are perfect for cooler months.
If you’re the kind of man who likes to allude to mystery, you’ll be taken by the fresh feeling of our 100% luxury cotton pique polos, complete with tonal contrasting and mini-stipe hues.
Men who require a superior dose of comfort and style may also like to opt for a highly flexible, 4 way stretch cotton polo.


Yes, button-up shirts can be worn on golf courses. Generally speaking, a button-up shirt should feature a structured collar to meet the standard of formality of many golf courses and clubs.

Many golf clubs typically have dress codes in place that need to be adhered to.
A structured cutaway collar is a common signature of golf shirts. Collared shirts are a feature of golfing attire, such as polo shirts, as they add professionalism and formality on and off the course. Wearing a collared shirt also gives men the versatility to go straight from the golf course to more formal events, such as dinner and afternoon drinks.

A polo shirt is frequently required on golf courses. Wearing a polo shirt is a great way to meet the dress code requirements of many clubs. You can wear either a long-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirt. Some clubs accept other formal shirts that button up, but often they must feature a collar to meet the standard.