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Experience Our Range of Menswear

Whatever the occasion, create a polished and sophisticated look with made to measure clothing. Whether it's walking down the aisle or crushing that next business meeting, our collection of eye-catching and tailored menswear, featuring tailored suits, shirts and coats, will make a lasting impression. We design using premium European and seasonally curated fabrics to create on-trend clothing, from casual blazers and sports jackets to timeless black tie and cocktail suits. Discover understated elegance with quality clothing crafted using modern designs while preserving traditional techniques.

We specialise in office wear for men, helping level up your business attire with the addition of a waistcoat or custom suit. Alternatively, you can strip back the traditional corporate look by pairing tailored trousers with sneakers and a polo shirt. While our designs will stand out in your next business meeting, tailored clothing is more than formal wear for men and made to measure suits. Fill your everyday wardrobe with quality smart casual clothing too. Our selection of natural linen, denim and cotton shirts create a relaxed chic appearance and minimal well-made overshirts, inspired by the classic French worker's jacket, are ideal for any season.

Create a wardrobe that speaks to your individual style and personality, regardless of whether you want to be taken more seriously at work or just well-dressed each day. However you decide to weave tailored clothing into your routine, once we have your measurements, our approach to tailoring is easy and straightforward. Simply choose your design and fabric for the season, we'll take care of the rest.


Trench coats exhibit a timeless sense of style, both classic and modern. Much more than a men's long coat to keep the weather at bay, trench coats are an enduring and versatile wardrobe staple.

Worn over the classic silhouette of a suit, your favourite knitwear or hoodie, a trench coat evokes a strong masculine look. Think style icons such as Humphrey Bogart.. You can’t go wrong investing in a black, navy or tan trench coat to protect you from the wind and rain. . Typically made from a technical cotton gabardine, the lighter weight design means you can layer in autumn and spring.

Trench coats are equally well-suited to casual and weekend attire. Offset the colour of a trench coat with contrasting trousers - combinations like tan or taupe coats with dark trousers create a classic image. The simple addition of a casual shirt and sneakers can transform the formality of a trench coat into understated weekend streetwear.

There’s something truly special about a garment that is made-to-measure. Not just a close fit, but a perfect fit; the intersection of comfort and style.

Godwin Charli’s made-to-measure coats are individual to the wearer. The advantage over off-the-rack clothing is in the personality of each piece and the way it reflects the individuality of the wearer.

Made-to-measure coats from Godwin Charli’s collections are fitted to each customer’s unique specifications and measurements. Godwin also offers a truly bespoke ‘Private Collection’ experience involving fabrics and design modifications beyond those in the current collection.

Jacket sizing, as with all fittings, is determined by an individual’s unique body measurements and posture. Construction of a jacket will take into account measurements including the chest, waist, cuffs, sleeves, and shoulders. In our showroom, your measurements are taken in-person. With virtual fittings, we will guide you through our easy measuring process as well as assess the fit of your current garments at home. Regardless of which option you choose, we will create a jacket with a truly personal fit.

Godwin Charli offers flexible fitting options. Those interested can book a fitting online and either come into our Melbourne showroom or take advantage of our virtual fittings for those living interstate or abroad.

In determining the length of a coat, we consider your body's proportions and individual style. There is zero compromise with made to measure clothing. We want you to love your new coat so finding the perfect length is paramount.

As a general rule, there are 3 lengths - mid thigh, at the knee or floor length. We will guide you to determine which length works best for you.