Introducing our highly-anticipated men’s golf clothing range, Club Godwin Charli. Here, debonair sophistication seamlessly meets elite athletic functionality, ensuring you will make a statement both on and off course.



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Men’s Golf Clothing

Godwin Charli’s proud tailoring heritage is deeply ingrained in the very fabric of Club GC’S DNA. Our renowned and respected legacy in design and garment construction is evident in our commitment to quality, style and excellence, spanning generations. Stylistically meticulous, our garments seamlessly integrate into the modern man’s wardrobe with every stitch and fold.

At Godwin Charli, we strive to ensure we are your preferred choice for superior ready-to-wear men’s designer golf wear. For a truly personalised touch, explore our made-to-measure options, expertly tailored to complement your unique stature and distinctive style. 

Strengthen your golfing game with our impeccably designed, made-to-measure, ready-to-wear collection. Swing from precision-fit polos to tailored golf chinos or shorts each designed to ensure you project a stroke of timeless perfection whilst enhancing your golfing performance.

Tee off with our designer men’s golf apparel certain to take you from networking on the greens to closing deals over drinks or if you play your cards right, serving blueberry pancakes for that special someone.

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Men’s Ready to Wear Golf Apparel

Explore our designer Club Godwin Charli collection that effortlessly transitions from the fairway to the clubhouse followed by a spontaneous night out. Club Godwin Charli is not just about golf apparel; it’s about lifestyle. Visualise smoothly transforming from a challenging round of golf to a dinner date or a round of drinks with friends or associates.

The Classic Polo embodies comfort chic. A well-fitted polo can accentuate a strong posture and defined shoulders. Try draping a knitted sweater over the shoulders teamed with tailored golf chinos or shorts for an old-money look. 

For when you want to talk business without looking like you are trying to close a deal, smart-casual golf attire can command attention. A finely knitted sweater or a lightweight vest over a designer polo shirt with a structured collar in neutral tones can project a more polished touch. Tailored shorts or trousers to ensure a more structured and complete look.

Our blazers or a well-tailored sports jacket can instantly style up and freshen a look. Your date won’t even know you were golfing all day. Our use of breathable, natural fibres effectively convey comfort and functionality without compromising on quality and style. 

Rush in style with our stretchy shorts that will have you jumping in and out of your car without needing to adjust. The clock and the elements may be working against you; don’t worry, your Club GC’s ensemble will have you covered. Our versatile tech field jackets provide wind and rain protection, so you can bolt across the schoolyard within minutes. Your better half won’t even know you were late…again.

Need a “structured casual” look when the day won’t be? Layering your outfit will prepare you for the unexpected while remaining cool, calm and collected. Our wide range of polos are predominately made from 100% cotton pique. This offers a 4-way stretch option for extra comfort when that 4 pm energy slump hits. Our varied, interchangeable designs and colours provide you with easy-to-assemble outfit options; that’s one less decision you have to make that day.

That 5 pm meeting hasn’t been rescheduled, and you noticed the huge pizza sauce stain on your polo? Cover it with a quarter or half-zip jacket or sweater for a more mid-layered ensemble.