A young boy in a white suit, ready for a wedding

An Ultimate Guide to Kids Wedding Outfits

Receiving a wedding invitation that includes your children can be an exciting moment. However, it often comes with the realisation that dressing your kids for a wedding can be even more challenging than getting them ready for school! To make this process easier, let Godwin Charli's comprehensive guide assist you in selecting the ideal kids' formal wear or baby wedding outfits.

What Should Kids Wear to a Wedding?

Now you've saved the date and accepted the wedding invitation, it's time to figure out what your children should wear. When shopping for kids and baby wedding outfits, comfort and style must be the priority. You'll also need to check the dress code, the venue, and the time of year.

Kids Formal Wedding Outfits

If the wedding is a black-tie or formal event, Godwin Charli's children's formal wear is the perfect solution. Your children will be the centre of attention for all the right reasons when wearing a Godwin Charli stylish four-piece tuxedo suit with polished shoes and a bow tie. Our contemporary event-ready designs for girls and boys between 3 and 14 are available in made-to-measure or ready-to-wear outfits.

Kids Casual Wedding Outfits

If you’re invited to a casual wedding, choose Godwin Charli's kids' summer wedding outfits for girls and boys. Our range includes stylish blazers and pants in traditional dark colours, neutrals, patterns, and pastels. With extensive textile knowledge, design trends and superior garment fit, the Godwin Charli team can design made-to-measure children's formal wear your child will never want to take off. If the wedding is in summer, choose fabrics that breathe, like cotton or linen blend. For a wedding in cooler months, layer the outfit with an overcoat.

Boys Wedding Outfits

If you want your child to be stylish and comfortable, you can't go past Godwin Charli's range of boy wedding outfits. Available in made-to-measure or ready-to-wear ensembles, we offer page boys suits, tuxedos, and suits. 

Going to a casual summer wedding? Godwin Charli's boy shorts, matched with a tailored jacket and tailored shirt, will have your boy feeling stylish and confident. With a wide range of fabrics, a boys’ wedding outfit from Godwin Charli will satisfy the fussiest of dressers! Book a free one-to-one consultation with Godwin and his team here.

Girls Wedding Outfits

The wide range of girls' wedding outfits can make it hard to choose which one will suit your child more. For girls who enjoy dressing up, a pretty dress with stylish shoes will be perfect. If they're part of the wedding party, their clothing will either match or complement the bride and bridesmaids.

But what if your girl doesn't like wearing dresses or skirts? Godwin Charli's girls wedding outfits are event-ready designs for girls aged 1 to 14. From our pink stretch suit and white stretch suit to our double-breasted grey stretch suit. Your girl will look and feel amazing while having a stylish suit in her wardrobe for years to come.

Babies Wedding Outfits

When choosing baby wedding outfits, it’s important to consider comfort and style. For babies still wearing nappies, choose dresses and pants with quick snap-opening options. For toddlers, avoid complicated zippers and buttons.

As you browse the large variety of baby wedding outfits available, pay attention to the types of fabric they’re crafted from. Itchy fabric from a fancy party dress or top can make your child grumpy and uncomfortable.

Before the big day, try the outfit on to test whether your child is comfortable. If something’s bothering them about their wedding outfit, you’ll still have time to swap it out.

Styling Kids for Weddings

Styling kids for weddings is no different from putting your own outfits and accessories together. Once you’ve chosen the kids’ formal wear and baby wedding outfit, choose accessories and shoes. Godwin Charli’s tips for styling kids for weddings include:

  • Getting haircuts a week or so before the wedding.
  • Braiding and styling hair by wearing flowers or sparkles.
  • Choosing shoes or boots that complement the wedding outfit.
  • Adding pops of fun and colour to a traditional tuxedo suit with bright socks.

Top Fashion Tips for Kids Accessorising

When it comes to accessorising children's formal wear, the same rules apply to kids as adults – keep it simple and comfortable. From a stylish bowtie and shoes to a sparkly scrunchie, Godwin Charli stylists can help you choose the best accessories for children's formal wear.

Godwin Charli's top fashion tips for kids accessorising include the following:

  • Choose colours that complement your kid's wedding outfit. If your child is wearing neutral colours, add a bright bowtie or headband to highlight their look.
  • Use accessories like handbags, necklaces and sunglasses that suit your child's style.
  • Choose pieces of jewellery that coordinate with each other; a matching necklace and bracelet are a perfect choice to add a touch of elegance to kids’ formal wear.

Kids and Babies Shoes for a Wedding

When choosing kids’ and babies' shoes for a wedding, comfort should be the priority. Cute and comfortable baby shoes and booties for your baby are available in multiple colours, with some having sparkles and bows. With your baby growing so fast, there's no need to splurge with their wedding shoes.

When buying your kids wedding shoes, remember they'll be able to wear them on multiple occasions. Godwin Charli's leather dress shoes are available in brown and black leather. Boasting elegance and style, these shoes complement boys' formal wear and kids' wedding outfits.

Get the Kids Wedding Ready with Godwin Charli

It's easy to get the kids wedding ready with Godwin Charli. Our team of master tailors, pattern makers and cutters draw upon generations of traditional techniques to create kids’ formal wear and wedding outfits your children will love to wear. 

Godwin Charli's range of children's formal wear is available in made-to-measure or ready-to-wear outfits. We also specialise in men's black tie wedding suits and cocktail attire and women's wedding suits and evening suits. Book a free one-to-one consultation with Godwin and his team here.