What To Wear To A Wedding: Wedding Dress Code

What To Wear To A Wedding: Wedding Dress Code

There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for the occasion. Godwin Charli has been outfitting wedding parties for many years, and we’ve seen some wonderful people with a fashion sense that is on point. And we’ve witnessed some people who don’t.
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The union of two people in love is something deserving of celebration. If it is a formal church wedding or a backyard event, it's always a chance to get dressed up and enjoy the occasion. 

There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing for the occasion. Godwin Charli has been outfitting wedding parties for many years, and we’ve seen some wonderful people with a fashion sense that is on point. And we’ve witnessed some people who don’t.

This article gives you some advice on what to wear to a wedding if you’re not in the wedding party.

We have tailored outfits for brides, grooms, best men and women alike. Let Godwin Charli dress you for the big day if it’s yours or your best friend’s.


Wedding Outfits Do’s: Be Formal, Be Respectful, Look Good

We’ll start with the positive, what we believe you should do, how you should dress and present yourself for a wedding.

Wear A Suit or Wear a Dress to the Wedding

Wearing a tailored suit for a wedding is a fine choice. You are respecting the occasion, the formality of the event.

Suits are not just for men. Godwin Charli has some elegant suits for women to wear as well. Women can look as distinctive and refined as any man in a well-tailored suit. 

Classic colours such as navy or charcoal are perfect. While black suits are classic, some feel that black suits are best left for funerals, not weddings.

Pair your suit or dress with a complimentary coloured shirt, well pressed and sharp. If you are a couple, a shirt matching the lady’s dress is a great way to stand out and be eye-catching.

Godwin Charli has ideas for black-tie cocktail weddings or three-piece suits if you have a more formal celebration to attend.

Accessorise Your Suit or Dress Accordingly

Accessorise your outfit tastefully. A tie or bowtie that matches your outfit's theme or matches your partner’s primary colour is a grand idea. Consider a light scarf or shawl with similar colour considerations for a dress.

You could present a colour-coordinated pocket square or boutonniere for a more formal event. Just check with the wedding party first. If they’re all sporting boutonnieres, you shouldn’t match them.

Some subtle cufflinks or a lapel pin will sharpen your suit if the wedding is formal. You can also look to accessorise with a clutch purse or costume jewellery for the ladies.

Wear Dress Shoes or Heels to Match Your Suit or Dress

You should wear shoes that both match your outfit and are appropriate for the location. High heels for an outside wedding, where you risk sinking into the turf, would not be a good idea, for example.

Ensure your shoes are clean and polished. This shows respect for the event, and it shows you took your time to groom.

If heels suit your outfit, then choose the right size. You want to be comfortable and able to walk. You don't want heels too high as there could be a risk of falling.

And no matter how relaxed the wedding is, don’t wear sneakers or other overly casual footwear. 

Other Wedding Do’s: Other Things To Consider

Groom yourself before the wedding. Ensure your hair is neat and tidy and any facial hair is trimmed. Shower and clean your nails too.

Dress appropriately for the season. A heavy three-piece suit at a summer wedding will make you hot, bothered, and sweating. Consider lighter colours or more summery fabrics for your attire.

If there are specific fashion requests from the wedding couple, for example- a black tie, make sure you understand what that means. You can check in with our team if you’re unsure.

Most of all, feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you feel comfortable, you will feel more confident and look more confident.

Wedding Outfits Don'ts: What Not To Wear To A Weddings

While dress codes are relaxing around weddings and receptions, there is still some fashion faux pas we recommend you do not commit. 

Don't Clash With The Bride Or Groom

This is the day for the wedding couple and their wedding party. You are their guest, so do not upstage them.

Don’t wear white. This is the colour traditionally reserved for the bride. Also, try to avoid pale blues and yellows. Often these colours come out white in photos.

If you can, avoid the same coloured outfits as the wedding party. It is perfectly okay to ask in advance about the wedding party’s colour palette.

Also, avoid wearing something too flashy. You are not to be the centre of attention at the reception. Again, this is the big day of the happy couple, not you.

Dress Appropriately: Be Respectful, It's A Wedding!

A wedding may have some religious aspects, and the extended families may be in attendance, so discreet and respectful is the way to go.

Don't wear jeans even if the invite says it’s a casual affair. Be casual in a nice shirt with some buttons undone, perhaps, but not in denim.

Ensure your outfit is clean and ironed, with no food stains or other marks. It’s a simple thing to do, but it shows enormous respect to the people who invited you to their big day.

Also, avoid wearing black, as that can be attributed to a funeral.


Don't Be Too Adventurous: Follow The Dress Code

Be stylish, be fashionable, but try to stay within the budget with your fashion choice. The centre of attention should be the happy couple, not an outrageously bright suit and tie combination you chose to wear.

This is where we reiterate- don’t outshine the bride and groom.


Should I Buy A New Suit For The Occasion

If you have that one suit you wear for weddings, funerals and interviews, then updating your wardrobe can be a good idea. New suit - new you, if you will.

Look at our three-piece suits or our black tie and cocktail wear range. We also have suits for ladies to look refined and divine at a wedding.

Godwin Charli: Enquire Today for Your Wedding Needs

Explore online or come into the store and try on our range. Speak with our talented team and book a fitting to get the feel of the suit on your shoulders before not quite walking down the aisle.