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Dream Destination Wedding Outfits: From Byron to Tuscany

Wedding planning can be all-consuming. Whether you are the main character or a wedding guest, choosing the ideal wedding attire contributes to the overall look and vibe for the big day.
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Tickets booked? Check! Ultimate Wedding Destination booked? Check! Ideal wedding outfit? Oh.

This seasonal guide will be your go-to guide in choosing your perfect wedding outfit for your destination wedding. Whether it’s a beachside or countryside ceremony, when you marry the perfect wedding attire to the right destination, you instantly set the stage for quintessential style and elegance that can transition to any destination.


Bali: Tropical Wedding Bliss 

Ahhhh Bali - a beautiful paradise just a stone’s throw away. Balinese weddings are a tapestry of cultural richness and tradition intertwined with the laid-back way of life.

Bali’s tropical beauty attracts many who want to create a blissful (yet affordable) beach wedding

Lounging at 5-star resorts, enjoying the distinctive Balinese dishes, and taking in the gorgeous sights via moped.

The hustle and bustle of nightlife, the solitude of the spiritual monuments, and the slow-paced beach culture provide an eclectic sensory overload. Whichever way you go with your outfit, it will somehow represent Bali’s diversity of the senses.


Bali Wedding Outfits: Embracing Island Elegance 


What to wear to a Bali wedding? You want to move with ease and comfort in Bali’s humid climate. So explore lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton blends. Embrace colours that reflect the island’s natural beauty, tropical landscapes, and vibrant and diverse culture. 

  • For traditional opulence, explore deep purples, royal blue, and emerald green, combined with gold and copper accents to give a touch of sophistication. 
  • For beachside neutral tones, explore sandy beige, blush pink and mesmerising aqua. 
  • Soft coral and turquoise resemble the coral reefs and clear waters. 
  • Lush greens and whites resemble beautiful green landscapes and white sand beaches. 


Byron Bay: Coastal Charm 

It’s no wonder A-List celebrities flock to Australia’s little wonder, the enchanting Byron Bay. 

Byron Bay’s laid-back lifestyle, with its beautiful coastal views, fresh sea breeze, and free-spirited locals, heavily influences their eclectic fashion choices. 

When choosing your ideal beach wedding outfit for a blissful Australian summer wedding, you want to create an outfit that embodies Byron Bay's artistic essence. Do as the locals do. 

Explore smart casual and relaxed attire options ideal for Byron Bay’s easy-going wedding vibe. 


Dressing for Byron Bay’s Relaxed Weddings 

What to wear to a summer wedding? When choosing the ideal Byron Bay wedding outfit, embody a vibe rather than make a statement. 

  • Want to suit up? Opt for light-coloured suits, cotton/linen shirts, or even stylish shorts paired with a crisp shirt for a laid-back yet polished look.
  • Dresses or wedding suits should be more relaxed-fitting or unstructured. Boho-inspired designs create that signature whimsical Byron charm. 
  • Accessories should symbolise a deeper meaning. It’s in the detail (and preferably sustainably sourced). Think uniquely beaded headpieces, long necklaces, or hand-crafted earrings.
  • Minimal, natural make-up and ocean-kissed hairstyles to embrace simplicity.


Tuscany: Rustic Italian Elegance 

Tuscany’s idyllic rolling hills, adorned with quaint historic villas, vineyards and olive groves, impart a backdrop of romantic captivation and rustic charm. When choosing the perfect Italian wedding outfit, choose styles that complement the picturesque countryside and rustic ambience. 

Blending classic elegance with relaxed sophistication. 

Italy’s fashion is world-renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The use of high-quality fabrics and attention to detail is a matter of cultural pride. So when choosing your ideal Tuscan wedding outfit, don’t be afraid to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck.


Tuscan Wedding Attire: Timeless Countryside Chic 

Tuscany’s timeless beauty and rich cultural heritage set the stage for a wedding that transcends classic, rustic elegance. What to wear to an Italian summer wedding? When choosing stylish Tuscan wedding attire, it's best to mirror the region's relaxed sophistication and romantic charm. 

  • Expertly tailored suits, in neutral tones, and soft cotton shirts accompanied by leather loafers reflect both the region’s rustic splendour and ode to Italian fashion flare.
  • Yes, a gorgeous, romantic couture dress will undoubtedly be THE perfect fit for the scene, but have you considered a wedding suit? Imagine, perfectly fitted to show off your enviable shape yet asserting an allure of assurance and grace.


Greece: Classic Mediterranean Sophistication 

Greece is considered the epitome of Ancient civilisation, mythology, Mediterranean cuisine, and welcoming hospitality. It’s no surprise that the importance of maintaining tradition is deeply rooted, especially concerning ceremonies. However, the passion for modern designs is undeniable. Fusing tradition with modern fashions is wholeheartedly embraced. 

Grecian elegance conveys regality, grace, and divine beauty. 

Greece’s exquisite panoramic scenery, delicious food, and relaxed yet passionate and proud locals provide an insight into what is in store for your celebrations. So embrace yourself for a long night of eating, drinking, and dancing. (Who are we kidding? We meant “nightS” )

Grecian Wedding Attire: Merging Tradition and Modernity 

What to wear to a summer wedding in Greece? When choosing the ideal outfit for a Greek wedding, consider versatility and freedom to move. You should be able to switch from a church, indoor, or beach ceremony to a night of celebratory dancing.

  • The classic Grecian goddess dress is THE signature look. Use soft-flowing and draping materials such as linen, chiffon, organza, or silk with a touch of gold elements.
  • A tailored suit with the flexibility to handle hours of eating and dancing is crucial. 
  • Striking or soft colour palettes both work well. Think white, light blue, mint green, gold, and silver.
  • Embellishments like delicate beading and embroidery motifs can be a beautiful way to merge tradition with modern designs.

Seasonal Adaptations for Destination Weddings  

There are many components to consider when planning or attending a wedding. It’s all about transitions, blending, details, and organisation.

When attending a destination wedding, you’ll be living out of your suitcase, so what you pack will have to withstand the changing conditions. This doesn't mean you have to compromise on looking fabulous. Your individual style doesn’t have to be jeopardised, but when choosing the perfect outfit, comfort, style, and suitability for varying conditions need to be considered.

There’s a balance between your unique style, the wedding theme, your comfort, and the suitability of the location, climate, and cultural expectations.


Perfect Footwear for Every Summer Destination Wedding 

When choosing footwear, consider comfortability, practicality, and terrain.

  • For Byron Bay’s Shores or Bali’s beaches, the laid-back vibe calls for chic yet casual footwear. Strappy or bohemian-inspired sandals or stylish flip-flops with a comfortable sole are ideal. And hey, if it's safe and appropriate to do so, barefoot chic could also be an option.
  • For Tuscany, treading through the winding, cobblestone streets followed by sipping local wines calls for closed-toes shoes like loafers or ballet flats. 
  • Greece requires striking modern designs, versatility, and durability for a lively reception of feasting and dancing.


Key Takeaways: Dressing Right for Your Destinations Wedding 

You want to feel present at one of the most significant moments in a person’s life. Being organised and styled appropriately will help you relax and enjoy the festivities. 

Suitability for location/activities/climate and comfort is key. Being adaptable without home conveniences will make it all a pleasurable experience.


Beyond the Attire: Completing your Destination Wedding Look 

A positive, receptive mindset can play a crucial role in creating your destination's wedding look.

  • Accessories are a fun way to embrace your unique style yet still dress suitably.

  • Travel-friendly grooming options that are resilient in diverse climates and activities. 

Open your mind to the possibilities and unexpected creations.


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