The Groomsman debate. Who should pay for the suits?

February 25, 2015 2 min read

The Groom or the Groomsman... that is the question. Who pays for the Wedding Suits? 

Often the conundrum over who pays for wedding suits comes down to the simple answer - what is everyone least uncomfortable with. Pay for suits but not shirts, pay for shirts but not suits, pay nothing, pay something, pay everything - there is no hard & fast rule.

Clearly, if money is not the object, you wouldn’t be reading this. Otherwise - continue. 

The Groomsman’s suits are always a special part of the occassion. Let me tell you a secret - most guys don’t care. Couldn’t care less. If they’re in your bridal party, the honor is (usually) theirs.

All they want is to have a good time, be with their mates, have a laugh, beer, whiskey, cigar & enjoy the day. The payment of clothes is simply part of that honor of mateship.

If you ask them to pay, they’ll pay. If you ask them to split it, they will. Only you will know the right answer.

But beware - some do care. Very much. Some are as stingy as a dried crab on a summer’s day.

So what to do? - ask the Boss. That’s right. Ask your fiance, there’s a good chance she’ll know them or their other halves & what the right answer will be. Women have a sixth (or seventh, or eighth) sense about this kind of stuff & they’ll serve you the right answer straight.

Or if there isn’t that connection between her & them, just canvass the best man & ask his opinion. Better to get a no in private than a shun in public. 

And another word - have the conversation over way before you enter the store. The store is not the place for surprises - the wedding night is :) 

~ Mr Charli