The Brand



Born in 1980 to Maltese immigrants, as a child Godwin was raised next to sewing machines, and as a young boy found himself engaging his mother Evelyn regularly to modify or make almost everything he wore. However, it was the discovery in 2001 of a local tailoring workshop in Melbourne that gave Godwin the fire to follow his true passion and nurture his natural born gift.

In his early 20s, the tailoring workshop that once supported Godwin's hobby had become his classroom. Under the careful guidance of master tailors and head atelier, these rare mentors taught Godwin a hands-on approach & patience, rarely seen in today’s fast fashion industry. It was under these tables and machines that the Godwin Charli brand was born in 2007.

Specialising in tailored fashion for Men and Women, the ‘Charli’ in the brand (the female) is a nod to Godwin’s parents Charles and Evelyn for all of their sartorial influence. Today, Godwin Charli draws on the same lessons in pursuit of tailoring perfection.

Working with an incredibly talented team both locally and internationally, Godwin creates world class garments that underline his customer’s individuality and the brand’s exacting standards of quality, design & premium fabrication.

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