Godwin’s passion was born from a family of dress-makers, originally from the picturesque Mediterranean island of Malta. As a child he was brought up next to sewing machines, and as an adult found himself modifying and replicating garments for pure fun.

However, it was the discovery of a local workshop in Melbourne that gave Godwin the fire to follow his true passion and love.

Spending the next few years under the careful tutelage of two of Australia’s most respected tailors, Mr Salvatore Tronca and his right hand Mr Alfio Privitera, the tailoring workshop that once supported Godwin's hobby had now become his classroom. 

With over 100 years of tailoring experience between them, these mentors taught Godwin a hands on approach & patience, rarely seen in today’s world. It was under these tables and machines that the Godwin Charli brand was born in 2007.

Today, Godwin Charli draws on the same lessons in our pursuit of the tailoring art. Working with an incredibly talented team, Godwin creates perfect looks that underline our customer’s individuality and our exacting standards of quality, design & premium engineering.

With boutique locations and strong international supporter base, Godwin Charli today serves both men and women with luxurious modern classics for business, leisure and events.

Today, it is this same philosophy of care, patience & service that is imbued in all the unseen details that distinguish each unique piece Godwin creates.