Women, please never compromise on fit.

Women, please never compromise on fit.

I wanted to relaunch Godwin Charli to be more inclusive and adaptive, specifically, when it came to women’s bodies. Women are incredibly diverse and unique. Based on my 14 years of design, styling and fitting experience, the majority of women I see aren’t a consistent size across their bust, waist and hips. Meaning most women should be wearing different sizes for tops and bottoms.

What makes it even more challenging is often women’s waist and hips, or waist and busts are different sizes, which can cause fit issues.  While women might fit through the bust, waist and hip they could have broader shoulders, larger cups, longer arms, etc. 

Most online sites offer women a very simplified set of measurements that do not take into account things like torso length, bust point, shoulder width, upper hip/lower hip, neck size, thigh width etc. I’ve lost count of the number of women who come to see me in their favourite jacket or coat only to observe how poorly fitted it is.

The most common complaint I find is many women have wider hips than clothing brands account for. For ready-to-wear products, the waist-to-hip ratio needs to be larger for a lot of women’s sizes. Similarly, when hips fit too small, waists fit too big. 

And did I mention the petite, tall and plus size women? This is a whole other category! These women usually have the least available choice when it comes to contemporary tailored fashion. Ready-to-wear clothing brands essentially have an impossible task to satisfy all women as female bodies are just so different!

The solution: Made-to-measure. My extensive, real world experience suggests that tailored clothing fits almost no one perfectly - unless you have it made for you. Godwin Charli is perfectly placed to cater for women’s needs, offering a world-class Made-to-measure service across suiting, jacketing, pants, skirts and outerwear. Initially we perform a 15 minute consultation in-person with you to create your unique fit profile. It’s basically your own personal pattern, which is then used to individually construct your perfectly fitting garments moving forward. 

I’ve enriched the experience by designing collections, curating the best fabrics from Italy and the UK, showcasing them in my Melbourne showroom. This makes visualising the end product so much easier, especially when shopping online. My designs can also be customised to suit your fabric and finishing preferences. I’ve essentially removed all the guesswork and simplified the decision making process. 

Want more information? Feel free to contact me at  godwin@godwincharli.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions and welcome you into my exclusive Melbourne showroom.