The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Blazer Styling and Outfits

The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Blazer Styling and Outfits

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The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Blazer Styling and Outfits

Blazers are a staple in every modern woman's wardrobe. The relaxed yet structured shoulders make them perfect for the office or an evening out. If you’re new to this iconic clothing item, we have some tips on how to construct a woman’s blazer outfit that is effortlessly chic.


What Blazers Are In Style?

Lucia Jacket Olive Wool



Women’s blazers are versatile and comfortable, a welcome change from cold dresses and pocketless pants. Blazers are here to stay, and there are many styles to choose from. Bold colours and textures are in if you want to  make a statement with your women’s blazer. If you prefer a more subtle touch,  women’s blazers in neutral colours and a slightly fitted style can create a balanced, smart-casual look. 


Do Blazers Need To Be Tailored?

When looking for a woman’s blazer, there are a few things to consider to achieve the perfect fit. The blazer cuff should fall just to the wrist bone so that a watch or bracelet is just visible. Additionally, the blazer should fit snug, but not tight, across the back with the top of the sleeve starting where the shoulder naturally ends. If the blazer is too broad across the shoulders, this can create an 80’s-like look and smother the wearer’s frame. The waist of the blazer should taper in slightly and hug the body softly. When buttoned up, the buttons should not strain when standing relaxed. 

If this seems like too much to consider, Godwin Charli offers a made to measure suiting service for women’s blazers. The service requires only one fitting to gather the measurements for a tailor made blazer. Each blazer is tailored to the wearer’s measurements to ensure the perfect fit. 


How To Wear and Style A Blazer?

Selecting a blazer that fits comfortably is only half the process. It’s important to choose a blazer that reflects the wearers style and complements other items in their wardrobe. Owning a green velvet jacket is pointless if it clashes with other clothing items and gathers dust in the back of the wardrobe. 

Climate is also an important consideration when selecting a jacket. In hotter climates and in summer, blazers made from lighter materials like linen and cotton are ideal as they allow for breathability. Bright and light colours are also ideal for the warmer months. Try pairing a linen blend striped blazer with a white T-shirt and dress pants for a look that is suitable for the office or a summer soiree. 

Heavier wool and cashmere blends are perfect for keeping warm without creating too much bulk for the winter months. A fitted, sky-blue cashmere blazer adds a cool freshness to your winter outfit. Pair it with camel dress pants and a white turtle-neck shirt for a chic business-ready look that easily transitions into a post-work dinner outfit with a few accessories.

Blazers are perfect for those transition months when the weather fluctuates. Wool-linen blends provide the perfect combination of warmth and breathability for a comfortable and fashionable look all year round.  


How To Style a Short Blazer


Short blazers that fall just to the hips are perfect for creating a sophisticated silhouette with a modern finish. They tend to emphasise the waist more and can create the illusion of height with the right styling. This style blazer is used in everything from street casual fashion to business chic. 

Cropped blazers pair best with pants that are either high-rise or mid-rise and fall to just above the ankle with little or no break. This helps develop that sophisticated silhouette. Tuck in a classy turtleneck or t-shirt into the pants for a neat look or select a shirt that is slightly longer than the waist of the pants for an elegant finish. 


How To Style a Blazer and Jeans?

Jacket and jeansJeans and jacketBlue blazer and jeansBlazer and jeans

One classic blazer fashion is the jeans-blazer combination. This look is best for casual or smart-casual settings. It’s a perfect look for going out to the museum, going out on a casual date or a day out with friends. To make this look work, the fit is important. Select jeans that have a slightly relaxed fit- not too tight or baggy. Pair them with your favourite blazer and a crew neck T-shirt, silk camisole or turtleneck. The shoes will set the tone of the outfit. White trainers create an elevated street casual look and low heels will dress the look up. Accessorise with your favourite jewellery and a belt to make the look yours. 


How to Style Blazer with Shorts?

Pairing a blazer with shorts might sound counter intuitive, but with the right styling they can be a summer-friendly option for your look. The shorts and blazer combination is best for summer gatherings rather than office wear. BIrthday parties, pool parties and brunch cocktails are all perfect occasions to reach for this look. To style it, go for a matching blazer and short. This could be the pattern, colour or fabric. Classic white sneakers give this unique look a down-to-earth finish. This is the perfect occasion to experiment with colours and patterns that might not be appropriate for the workplace – the only limit is your creativity.


How to Style Checkered Blazers?

Checkered blazers are an iconic piece for any wardrobe. It harnesses the old-school academic aesthetic whilst remaining wearable and approachable. For a fresh, preppy look, pair a loosely structured checkered blazer with a knee length skirt and stockings in neutral colours. Accessories will set the tone for this look; a small handbag, wire frame glasses and subtle jewellery will elevate this elegant, fashionable look. As an alternative to a skirt, pants made of wool, corduroy or cotton can work for a more professional finish.


Blazer Outfit Ideas

Blazer Outfits For Work

Work fashion doesn’t have to be drab. It’s possible to develop a professional look that is both fashionable and appropriate for the workplace. For most industries, neutral colours and subtle patterns will be the most suitable. Exceptions are warranted for creative industries or more relaxed work places. A workplace blazer should fit the frame snugly, pulling in slightly at the waist and hitting the wrist bone. Avoid bold printed jackets in favour of rich textures. For a fresh, feminine and professional look, layer a made-to-measure cashmere blazer over a knee length pencil skirt in a subtle print. Tuck in a crisp white shirt or turtleneck and pair with some matching low heels. Try low heeled boots with some silk stockings in winter months or swap out the skirt for some black dress pants and a belt. This elegant, professional look does not compromise femininity. With the right jacket, this look can easily be appropriate for an evening soiree.


Casual Blazer Outfits


For informal events, women’s blazers that are unstructured in light colours are perfect for summer. Although many work style blazers can be dressed down for a casual look, informal occasions are a good opportunity to experiment with various colours, patterns and fabrics. Pair a light striped jacket with a summer dress and light heels for a sophisticated ‘french girl’ look. Alternatively, crisp dark wash jeans with a loose tweed blazer and black turtleneck will provide a neat but casual oxford class. Try loafers, oxford shoes or chelsea boots and accessorise with statement pieces of subtle silver or gold jewellery. 

Alternatively, for the races or a dressed up summer soiree, a bold red or pink blazer with white trainers and subtle jewellery is sure to make a statement at your next social event. Dress the look down with jeans, a white T-shirt, ballet flats and a swipe of red lipstick. This eye-catching look expresses the wearers creativity and personality with style.


Final Thoughts

No look is complete without confidence. Build a blazer outfit that makes you feel good and works for your lifestyle. With the right skills, you can style your woman’s blazer for almost any occasion. If you’d like help deciding on the style and fit of your blazer, book a session with Godwin Charli. All Godwin Charli products are made to measure, so you can choose your bespoke blazer and make your fashion aspirations a reality.