Dressing to Impress in Spring Racing Men's Fashion

If this is your first spring racing event, you will want to be dressed appropriately. So, if you’re wondering “what do men wear to the races?”, look no further than Godwin Charli’s men’s spring racing fashion guide.
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Spring Racing Carnival is almost upon us, and with it comes a brand new season of the latest in men’s racewear. This season, dare to embrace your style, add some flare, or try something completely new with Godwin Charli’s spring carnival suits. Nothing says “I have arrived” like a perfectly tailored suit that adheres to the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Spring Racing Men’s Fashion Essentials 

The essentials of a great spring carnival suit include a perfect blend of seasonal appropriateness, elegance, and individual flair. This is a perfect opportunity for self-expression that is not to be missed, after all, it only comes around once a year. 

This is an opportunity to experiment and have fun, all while creating a stylish and timeless look. The components of a proper spring racing outfit include your choice of suit, shirt, tie, footwear, accessories and personal grooming. But don’t forget the most important component: confidence.

Understand the Dress Code 

There is a set dress code for menswear at the spring carnival that all attendees must adhere to. A shirt and tie must be worn. A suit is acceptable, as are slacks, chinos, blazers, or sports coats. You must also wear dress shoes, but there are no specific rules on socks.

Unveiling the Trends 

For this year’s spring racing carnival, the latest trends include linen and contrasting prints. Patterns such as houndstooth and tartan, pastels or other light colours with complementary mismatched blazers and pants are in. 

Accessories are also big this season. Try anything from a watch, rings, lapel pin, or nice sunglasses.

Top Men’s Fashion Trends for Racing Season 

  1. Suit – a well-tailored suit is the quintessence of men's spring carnival fashion. A linen or lightweight wool suit in spring colours such as pastels, blues, beige, and light greys are among the most popular choices.
  2. Shirt – A crisp, white or light blue dress shirt will complement your suit well. You can also add some flair with a subtle pattern.
  3. Tie – A great tie will complete the base of your look. Choose from solid, floral, and paisley, or have some fun and add a bowtie. 
  4. Footwear – Leather dress shoes in either black or brown are the perfect choice for spring racing carnival. Loafers, Oxfords, Derbys, or Brogues are all great options.
  5. Accessories – Don’t forget to accessorise! Pocket squares, tie bars, lapel pins, wrist watches, and cufflinks are all welcome here. Headwear such as a fedora or trilby hat is also acceptable.

Accessorising with Flair 

As mentioned above, accessories are an essential (but not required) part of your spring carnival suit. For a polished look, you’ll want the right amount of accessories that add flair to your outfit. 

Try to have fun with it and express yourself, but don’t overdo it. The right accessories can enhance your overall look and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Polished Perfection with Shoes and Footwear

Polished European leather shoes are a must-have to complement your outfit. Whether you’re going for Lace up Derby dress shoes or low-cut Loafers with no socks to show a little ankle, choosing the right shoe is paramount. 

Exploring Ties, Pocket Squares, and more

Solid colour ties, patterned ties, and bowties are all a go for spring racing events. Pocket squares that stylishly contrast with your blazer are a must, and don’t be afraid to add a lapel pin for a little extra pzazz. 

Standout Looks for Different Spring Racing Events

When it comes to spring racing events there is no one size fits all approach. Each event calls for its own distinct style and attire. Derby Day is a mostly black-and-white affair, Oaks Day calls for floral refinement, and Stakes Day is a day of relaxed sophistication.

Classic and Timeless with Elegance Derby Day Delight

Leave the colour at home for Derby Day as it has a black and white tradition that most if not all patrons will surely be following. 

Embrace this monochrome theme with a classic and perfectly tailored black suit. A white dress shirt with a black silk tie and a pair of black leather dress shoes will exude timelessness and elegance. And you can’t go wrong with a black leather belt and a signature timepiece to complete the look.

Embracing the Florals with Oaks Day Glamour

A light grey blazer with a subtle floral pattern is perfect for Oaks Day festivities. Pair this with contrasting navy chinos and a white dress shirt for a nice, clean balance. Your tie should follow suit with a floral pattern and a light or pastel colour.

Top the look off with a simple white pocket square and some brown leather or suede loafers and you’ll be ready to do Oaks Day in style. While floral isn’t a strict requirement, following this tradition is the best way to deliver an elegant yet relaxed look.

Relaxed and Refined with Stakes Day Sophistication

Stakes Day calls for a relaxed yet refined look. A light grey linen blazer is comfortable and breathable, pair it with a light blue or pastel blue dress shirt with no tie and a contrasting pocket square for a nice balance. Navy trousers with brown dress shoes will give off a polished look that blends elegance, refinement, and comfort. 

This simple yet stylish outfit will have you feeling right at home for Stakes Day while also allowing you to express your individuality.


Spring racing men’s fashion is constantly evolving. And while it may seem confusing at first, spring racing season is a great time to dress up and try new things that follow the rules while staying true to your individual style.

By following the dress codes and using our guide as a reference, you can attend this spring carnival season in style. Godwin Charli specialises in bespoke and made-to-measure suits that will have you looking your best this spring racing season.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your spring racing outfits; book a fitting appointment with us today and have your uniquely tailored suit ready in time for the races.