JOY 94.9 Radio Interview - Post COVID Fashion Discussion

JOY 94.9 Radio Interview - Post COVID Fashion Discussion

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JOY 94.9 Radio Drive DJs Dee and Warren sat down with Godwin Charli Creative Director to speak all this Post COVID Fashion. Here's what they had to say...


JOY 94.9: In lockdown our fashion standards have dropped. If we make any effort at all it is on the top half and just for a zoom call. Should we be dressing for work even though nobody can see us?  

GODWIN: A recent study shows that people who dress better have more confidence, feel more powerful, and are more focused on details. I guess when it comes to Zoom, people perceive well-dressed people as leaders, and go to them for support at a faster rate than those not as well dressed. Studies have shown that you have as little as 5 seconds to make a good first impression.

But make sure to follow the “plus or minus one rule” for company dress. For example, if most people in the office wear button-up shirts, you might want to put on a blazer. If most people wear blazers, you might want to wear a suit. And so on.

Just don’t dress up more than your boss. That might create issues!

JOY 94.9: What does it do for the psyche? Ie: do i have to wear trousers and shoes in my zoom meeting?  

GODWIN: Definitely wear trousers! You never know when you might need to make an impromptu manoeuvre and reach for something. Shoes, not so much. 

JOY 94.9: We can't throw out clothes at the moment because the recycling places aren't taking our stuff. I know people who are just putting things in bags and leaving them in the garage.What should we be doing with our existing wardrobe? Are there ways to revive things? 

GODWIN: YES! But you may need professional guidance to do so. My experience tells me that most people aren’t that imaginative when it comes to reviving clothing so maybe a visit to your local alteration seamstress could help.  For example, letting out a waistband is easy enough if you’ve piled on the kgs during covid.

JOY 94.9: Do you think we will come out of this with MORE or LESS emphasis on fashion? 

GODWIN: The industry is seeing a more enlightened and considerate customer focusing more on sustainable clothes and the quality of garments rather than the seasonality of fast fashion and single-use behaviour.

I’m already speaking with customers who are beginning to think about when they can wear a nice dress or suit again, go to an event or a nice restaurant.

What I think we’ll see is more carefully curated outfits from both men and women as we begin to express ourselves again. 

 However, I believe we will be more aware of the importance of investing in keepsake pieces that will last for years to come but also...versatile for both workwear wardrobes and social occasional dressing. 

 People will still want comfort and ease but want to get out of their sweats and into a more polished look.

In my opinion, I think that head-to-toe looks will probably become more common after Covid-19. Coronavirus and its effects have already manifested in a variety of ways. We are no longer wanting maximalist designs, we are looking for more minimalist designs. After years of emphasising status through logos and brand symbols, people are no longer subscribing to those styles and trends. 

JOY 94.9: What is coming up for Spring/Summer at Godwin Charli? 

GODWIN: I’ll be focusing on more subdued and comfort-focused pieces. For example, pairing stretch cotton shirt jackets with the equivalent in the trouser for men. 

There’s a strong emphasis on garments that my customers can wear for multiple occasions, something that you could wear to the office then to drinks later that day and in to the weekend.

JOY 94.9: Is there a definite Melbourne look? 

GODWIN: I believe that Melbourne is ‘well put together’. We don’t try too hard and we’re always prepared for the weather to change on us. So layering is critical incase of a sudden climate change.

JOY 94.9: Our listeners come in all shapes and sizes and all genders and sexualities. I know that it's hard for some people to approach the world of fashion and ask for what they want. What is your advice on this?  

GODWIN: Quoting Dan Levy from Schitts Creek - We as people say so much about who we are, and what we believe in, and what we want, and what we think of ourselves by the way we dress. So interpreting this I’d say, do what feels right for you. If you need help in the style department seek out a professional like myself who can guide you accordingly.